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At Work: Recent Publications

“All the President’s Spin”

The editors of Spinsanity.com set out to expose the Bush Administration's tactics of media manipulation.

CJR Daily/Campaign Desk

Some highlights from my time at CJR Daily

You Call That News? I Don’t

Why are young people getting their political news from non-traditional sources? Maybe it's because the news media aren't giving them what they're looking for.

In Defense of Wikipedia

Why Wikipedia isn't the reputation-munching monster many members of the press think it is.

I’ll See Your 8.2, and Raise You 0.5

How earthquakes are measured, and why the magnitudes media outlets report often don't line up.

TV in the Dark

How the TV ratings game is changing as TiVo, digital cable and video on demand change the way people watch.

All the News That’s Fit to Spin

How CBS used its news division as a PR machine to cover for itself after airing the mistaken Bush/Air National Guard story in 2004. (Also: Mary Mapes: Still Defending Her Assassin, about how in her book Mapes spins some key details about the flawed segment.)

Sign of the Times: Making the Los Angeles Times’ Front Page

A ride-along with the editors of the Los Angeles Times as they figure out which stories will make the front page.


Why reporters should be figuring out what's true and what isn't - not just printing whatever the candidates say.

Franken’s satirical Lies

Al Franken on this piece: "I still don't know what the fuck you were talking about."

The strategically ambiguous George W. Bush

How Bush lies without lying (when he's not lying outright).

Sticks and stones

[Salon premium subscription or ad view required] The piece that made me realize DC wasn't the place for me.

“I would challenge them to a duel”

[Salon premium subscription or ad view required] Possibly my favorite line from a Senate speech ever.

Clinton Speaks, Pundits Spin: The Washington Times and the Spread of a Media Myth

How the Washington Times just makes stuff up to suit its purposes.